Availability and reservation system suitable for hotels, B&Bs, guest houses, inns & self-catering

Why take online reservations and payments?

Using the THOR system it's easy and inexpensive to operate and you have the choice over whether to take advance payments or not.

Here are some of the reasons why taking online reservations/payments is advantageous.

Different time zones

When someone in Australia or USA, for example, is trying to make arrangements for their stay in UK, you may well be asleep in bed. Using THOR you could wake up to a provisional reservation.

Call to action

When a surfer for accommodation is invited to check your room availability and then to make a provisional reservation, this is a call to action. Once the potential client has taken this action he stops surfing. Without such a call to action he may continue to surf and you have to rely on him to come back to you as the best choice after he has finished making his comparisons.

No shows

If you have firmed up on a provisional reservation and taken an advance payment you reduce the probability of a no-show. In the case of a no-show you have some financial compensation.

Save time

You'll save time on answering unnecessary phone calls when you have your room availability displayed; the provisional reservation system has automated elements and standard email templates for you to adapt and use thereby saving more time.

Professional look

An online reservation system makes you look professional: if you are professional about the business of taking bookings it gives the impression you are professional in all aspects of your business.

Cut your costs

If you already use a third party online reservation system and you send your customers off-site to make an online booking you are doubtless giving away part of your profit in commission. THOR takes a small flat rate fee per booking.