Availability and reservation system suitable for hotels, B&Bs, guest houses, inns & self-catering

Level 1: THOR-Basic (Get it now for free)

  • Very easy to use
  • Integrates into your website
  • Integrates into any other website you care to put it on e.g. local town website
  • Accepted on a growing number of portal websites
  • Availability updated from a single database
  • Community driven approach. Increase your bookings. This system can give you the excess availability from other accommodation providers in your area

Try out the THOR availability check bar below and imagine it on your website.

Green tick - there is availability, or
Red cross - there is not availability, or
Blue question mark - phone for availability

THOR Basic works on 3 levels:

Level 1:

We assist you to put an availability check bar on a page of your website which gives your website an even more professional look and which inspires customers to check your availability for their required date(s).

In the level 1 example the customer finds availability. (Please experiment yourself with the check bar above.)

Level 2:

The customer uses the availability check bar and finds you do not have a room and in this case is referred to others in the group.

Enquirers whom you cannot accommodate are delighted when you tell them that they may find availability by using the search bar at

Naturally this works to your benefit also when others in the local network refer their excess demand to you. Everyone wins!

The system works because most accommodation providers keep the database up-to-date. Why? We don't like having to explain to customers that we don't have availability when our website states that we have!

Level 3:

The system's database is also linked to
a highly ranked advertising portal website. On average it refers hundreds of visitors to each member's website per year.

There's a wonderful side-effect - though business is better, members' phones ring less often because customers check availability before phoning.

Get THOR Basic now for free.

If you are interested in THOR Pro stay on this website and go to this page.