Availability and reservation system suitable for hotels, B&Bs, guest houses, inns & self-catering

Level 1: THOR-Basic (Get it now for free)

THOR Basic is very easy to use even if you're not very computer literate; it can be set up in a very general way which requires infrequent updating.

Level 2: THOR-Pro (Coming soon)

THOR Pro will be an extended version of THOR Basic with lots more features including the taking of payments.

Both systems leave you very much in control of your bookings: unlike other booking systems, THOR will not confirm any on-line bookings without your involvement, unless you specify automated.

Feature Basic Pro Notes
Cloud software No installation of software - just some html code
Availability check bar for own website Fully customisable for label positions, size, colour
Availability check bar for advertising websites Enhance your advertisements
Room/cottage availability calendar Feature rich; update in seconds
Share surplus demand with others Increase your bookings
Contact form Concealed email address to avoid spam
Take provisional bookings on own website   Accommodation provider remains in control
Take firm bookings on own website   Accommodation provider authorises automation
Customisable standard emails   Save time on acknowledgements/confirmations
Variable room/cottage pricing facility   Meet market conditions for popular/less popular times
Business performance reports   Data and graphs of past business performance
Guest data   Customer data/preferences stored for future use
Emails grouped on guest record   Using Gmail, Ymail and IMAP
Take secure payments through your website   Bank transfer; cheques; PayPal
Take and encrypt credit card details   Details entered into your credit card terminal
THOR Basic: Free of charge (Get THOR Basic now for free)
Packet Price Number of Bookings Price Each
£28.50 30 95p
£45.00 50 90p
£85.00 100 85p
£160.00 200 80p
£225.00 300 75p
£350.00 500 70p